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Bob Dylan sings The Beatles’ Yesterday

January 5, 2010

The Beatles in Paris. Via

Yesterday I was messing around on the Beatles’ web site, which of course rocks. It’s funny because the internet wasn’t even an idea when the Beatles changed the world forever, and their web site  beats out about any other band web site I can remember visiting.

Anyway, on their site I stumbled upon some super cute pictures of the Beatles in Paris in 1964. It was here that the Beatles fell in love with Bob Dylan and his Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan album. Ahh. Could you imagine being in Paris with the Beatles and listening to Bob Dylan for the first time with them. That’s something to think about. I can’t remember the first time I listened to Bob Dylan, can you?

I was thrilled this morning when I woke up and found some bootleg versions of Bob Dylan sweetly singing Yesterday and also Sam Cooke’s Cupid. Take a listen below. Many listens really. The mp3s are excellent quality. Many thanks to Aquarium Drunkard for posting these gems.

Bob Dylan sings the Beatles and Sam Cooke via Aquarium Drunkard

Also: A Chicago bar via Paul and Stella McCartney

The Killers sing Dire Straits. Noisettes sing The Killers

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